That Water Tower Town

water tower with a logo

When you see a water tower you just immediately get the feeling that your in a great community. You’re in a small town that everyone knows everyone, and if they don’t personally know you they know one of your relatives. You drive down the road and everyone waves with their two fingers over the steering wheel.

It’s that one flashing light town with one little convenient store and a little pizza place. On Friday nights in the fall the whole town is at the football game and in the winter they are supporting the basketball team.

It’s a town where traditions to paint the bridge still remain and your parents finding out about it before you even get home. It’s the place where you can count on everyone to be a friend.

The town where the only fun thing to do is drive around and have late night bonfires. It’s a place where retired men go and have their morning coffee at the gas station and find out the latest gossip. It’s the town where faces may change but the last names never do.

It’s a town where people come to reminisce good memories on how things used to be. And when you come back to town they don’t forget your name.

Water Tower Towns are hometowns. You are able to breathe and all your worries go away.