None in Eight

After months of organizing and advertising, handing out pink ribbons, attending skip a meals, collecting donations around campus, and hosting the first ever 50 Shades of Pink Color Run, the big week is finally here! IT’S BMOC WEEK!!

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The ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha put on the biggest philanthropy event of the year- Big Man on Campus (BMOC), a male talent show competition where contestants from different Fraternity’s at Purdue compete. This could be singing, dancing, or just being funny. It is more than just a talent show, this year Zeta and the contestants have been working really hard to raise money for not only breast cancer education and awareness but also new this year raising money for Purdue’s Cancer Research Center. This year’s BMOC will also be benefiting the Vision of Hope Women’s Cancer Research Group, which focuses on the prevention, detection, and treatment of breast cancer.

To get a better look into what BMOC is check out BMOC 2014!

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That means within the Alpha Theta chapter at Purdue alone 18, yes EIGHTEEN women will be diagnosed within their lifetime.

The women of Zeta have been going above and beyond this year to help raise money to end this battle that many have to face. Throughout the semester there have been many different events held to help the cause of fighting to end breast cancer.

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Volunteered at the Colts game spreading awareness while working the crucial catch raffle. 

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Contestants decorated bras for Purdue students to vote on during October Think Pink Thursdays. 

purdue bball game

Attended the Purdue Woman’s Basketball Pink out game. 


Contestants participated in a service project to help survivors and their families with chores around their homes. 


Met with current fighters and encouraged them through their battle with breast cancer. 

Can you imagine one of your friends, family members, or loved ones being diagnosed with breast cancer?

As the days are numbering down to the big event, we are more than eager to exceed our last years total of $122,000. But we need your help!

Please join Zeta Tau Alpha in the fight of making 1 in 8 to none in 8.

If you would like to get involved with BMOC and join the fight against breast cancer you can go to 

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First Time for FaceTime

Growing up, I’ve always been up to date with technology. Starting with AIM, then the texting on the pink razor flip phone, to now Iphones and Ipads. My grandmas both try to stay up to date with the always-changing technology tools. They both have their emails and their Facebook pages to keep up with the most recent jokes, and pictures of their friends with the occasional comment of “great picture.”

This Christmas we decided to update them again by giving them both Ipad Minis. And boy were they surprised! One grandma didn’t even know what it was when she first opened the gift. Once she figured it out she was elated!

They were both so surprised how they could now check their emails while sitting on the couch instead of sitting at their computer chair. They now had video cameras and new cameras that they could take anywhere and then they could show their friends the pictures right after! But the feature they were most impressed with was Facetime.

Watching each of my grandmas Facetime for the first time was so cool. It was the cutest thing hearing them laugh and repeatedly saying, “can you see me?” to the person on the other side of the camera. They both could not get over how they could see someones face on the other side and the fact that the other person could see them as well. They were just tickled to death.

facetime pic2

My cousins live in Georgia and were unable to come to Indiana this Christmas. So after I gave my grandma a quick lesson on how to use Facetime she was doing it to all by herself. She Facetimed my cousins down south and was able to see them! One of them even answered with a facial mask on, which my grandma got a kick out of!  By being able to see their face and talk to them even though they live miles apart was the best gift of all this Christmas. She can now see them and talk to them everyday even though they live all the way in Georgia. I think we take technology for granted sometimes. We are so blessed with so many different advances that help our world and create opportunities for others that we don’t always think of. Facetime is such an amazing feature that will now allow my grandma to talk and see all of her grandkids whenever she wants even if they may be having a little spa day!

“You can take the farmer out of the Farm but you can’t take the farm out of the farmer.”

My grandpa is soon to turn 80 and lives in the nursing home. He has been there for a little over a year, after we about lost him last summer. Although he has been sick for almost my whole life, he always is high-spirited and the friendliest man there is.  He could talk to anyone about anything!

Every one in Putnam County knows my Grandpa in some way. Even though no one can forget the last name Pickel! My grandpa was a livestock and grain farmer and also owned a sale barn in Montgomery County.  People still today remember my grandpa crying auctions. Everyone always says, “He could sell anything.” When the weather is nice out my grandma or mom will take him on a “drive” to show him that my uncle is still running the farm right. They take him by the farm where my grandma and him live and drive through the back pasture to check all the new calves. Then she drives him to the north pasture to check the other cattle to make sure everything is up to expectations.

The next stop is where my uncle lives which is the main farm. It’s where my grandma and grandpa raised my mom, uncle, and aunt. They have a lot of sheep and cows and a few pigs! Every time my grandma drives him up to the gate he starts hollering for the sheep so he can see them. The older ones always come running because they recognize his voice and they think they are getting fed. They soon are fooled.

My grandpa always complains about something my uncle needs to get done even if it’s “why is that bucket laying there” or “that cow looks sick wonder if Boyd knows about that.”  It’s just the little things he misses the most. He can’t stand being away from the farm or just being able to watch the crops grow in the fields outside of his window at home.

Although he may not live as close to the farm as he used to. Everyone makes sure he feels as if he is still involved in daily decisions. Every day my grandma brings him The Banner, which is the local newspaper and FarmWorld so he can catch up on his reading that he is missing. My grandpa calls my uncle everyday (more than once) to make sure everything is going good and to see how everything is growing. You could call him any day and he could tell you what corn was going for.

My grandpa is the “American Farmer.” He has worked for everything he has, even though there have been many battles along the way, he has never once given up. Although he is not there everyday, he still tries to help and is as passionate about agriculture as he was 70 years ago. He started a lifestyle for his family and it continues as my uncle is growing the 3rd generation on the same farm my grandpa raised him on.

3 generations