First Time for FaceTime

Growing up, I’ve always been up to date with technology. Starting with AIM, then the texting on the pink razor flip phone, to now Iphones and Ipads. My grandmas both try to stay up to date with the always-changing technology tools. They both have their emails and their Facebook pages to keep up with the most recent jokes, and pictures of their friends with the occasional comment of “great picture.”

This Christmas we decided to update them again by giving them both Ipad Minis. And boy were they surprised! One grandma didn’t even know what it was when she first opened the gift. Once she figured it out she was elated!

They were both so surprised how they could now check their emails while sitting on the couch instead of sitting at their computer chair. They now had video cameras and new cameras that they could take anywhere and then they could show their friends the pictures right after! But the feature they were most impressed with was Facetime.

Watching each of my grandmas Facetime for the first time was so cool. It was the cutest thing hearing them laugh and repeatedly saying, “can you see me?” to the person on the other side of the camera. They both could not get over how they could see someones face on the other side and the fact that the other person could see them as well. They were just tickled to death.

facetime pic2

My cousins live in Georgia and were unable to come to Indiana this Christmas. So after I gave my grandma a quick lesson on how to use Facetime she was doing it to all by herself. She Facetimed my cousins down south and was able to see them! One of them even answered with a facial mask on, which my grandma got a kick out of!  By being able to see their face and talk to them even though they live miles apart was the best gift of all this Christmas. She can now see them and talk to them everyday even though they live all the way in Georgia. I think we take technology for granted sometimes. We are so blessed with so many different advances that help our world and create opportunities for others that we don’t always think of. Facetime is such an amazing feature that will now allow my grandma to talk and see all of her grandkids whenever she wants even if they may be having a little spa day!


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