Welcome to Indiana Basketball

The season openers are over and the first game jitters have passed! Basketball season is here folks!

Dating all the way back to 1891, James Naismith brought something to Indiana that all Hoosiers are passionate about and thats the game of basketball.

In most Indiana towns if you drive down any street you are likely to find a kid out shooting free throws, in hopes to play varsity basketball one day. They grow up watching the varsity teams play every weekend and attend all of the camps in the summer.

baby carter 1

In Indiana there is a unique passion for high school basketball. It may not be like it was back in the good ole days, like it shows in one of the most beloved sports movies. The movie Hoosiers portrays the best type of story, when the under dog wins like Milan did in 1954. Every team aspires to go to state and play downtown Indy and win a big state ring no matter the size of the school.

Basketball in Indiana is a sport where your grandpa played, your dad played, you played and your kids may play someday! It’s a tradition that is passed on generation to generation. Everyone is passionate about the game and loves watching and teaching others about it. It brings the family together whether it be shooting around at home, coming to games, or all the long car rides to tournaments.

carter free throw1

You can easily see the passion for the game by looking at the size of high school gyms in Indiana. 12 of the 13 largest high school gyms in the country are in Indiana. Some of these gyms are bigger than collegiate gymnasiums. The crazy thing is, come sectional time these big gyms will be almost full. Everyone ready to see a good basketball game.

The coaches are the kings of the towns. Every grandma wants to know the starting line up when she sees the coach in town, and he better be ready for an impromptu interview for every time he makes an appearance in public because everyone wants to know what his thoughts are on this year program. Because in Indiana everyone thinks they are a basketball expert.

In Indiana anyone can be involved in the game of basketball the old boys and the young fans, whether it be outside on a barn with a goal attached or in a gymnasium. Its for the people that live in the rural areas and the urban. Hoosiers are knowledgable about the game and loyal fans. Even if its not for the same team, at the end of the day, everyone shares the same love for the game of basketball.

 “In 49 other states it’s just basketball but… this is Indiana.”



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